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How long should my mother take Ofloxcacin for typhoid?

Q: My 45 years old mother underwent blood test which confirmed typhoid. She has anti-O titre of 1:80 and anti-H titre of 1:160. Other values are negative. The doctor told us that it is a mild stage with nothing to worry about. He has prescribed Ofloxcacin and Ranitidine. How long will she take to recover? Do I need to keep my five month’s baby away from her?

A:The titres for Widal test are not very high so the infection is mild. Ofloxacin should be continued for 10-14 days. In some cases, bacteria maybe resistant to Ofloxacin and then Cefixime maybe added. Follow lot of hand washing. Your mother should not cook or handle the baby till she recovers.


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