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How long does it take to recover from a thigh fracture?

Q: I am a 21yr old boy. I met with an accident in Aug 2002 in which my right femur was fractured. It was then operated and plating was done. According to doctors, my bone is fully healed now but I still limp too much and the muscles don't have the strength. I have consulted many doctors but the exercises advised are not working. Kindly help me and suggest a possible way so that I can walk properly.

A:Femur is a major bone of the lower limbsand therefore, fractures take a long time to get back to normal strength. Often remodeling occurs which goes on up to 1½ years after fracture union. Normal walking starts with a conscious effort but is maintained by a reflex activity wherein you do not consciously think of it till you need to change your pace or stop. So, once an abnormal gait pattern is established, it takes a long time to unlearn. You have not written where exactly is your fracture. Fractures closer to the hip and those closer to the knee are associated with greater muscle involvement. This also leads to a longer period of limping. Based on your description it is very difficult to pin point the exact cause of limp. As far as your muscle wasting is concerned, usually some degree of wasting (specially around the knee persists). This will have no significant functional difficulty provided it is mild.


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