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How is radial nerve palsy treated?

Q: I met with an accident causing fracture of the right humerus shaft with severe radial nerve palsy. The fracture has been corrected by open reduction with internal plate fixation. Radial nerve has been explored and it was contused but intact. Please let me know the best possible treatment for radial nerve palsy associated with wrist drop. What is the duration of the treatment?

A:Radial nerve palsy is quite common with fracture shaft humerus. You mention it was explored at the time of fixation of the fracture and was found to be contused but intact. Such cases usually go on for natural recovery of nerve function which may take anywhere between two to three months. If however, this does not happen then alternative methods to reconstruct the paralysed limb are available. The results are very good therefore you need not start worrying. Yes, of course if recovery does not take place naturally, you may need a second surgery.


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