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How is bird flu transmitted?

Q: I want to know if taking cakes or barotas are health hazards because raw eggs must not be taken due to bird flu. Please give the definition of onology.

A:India has not reported any human case of bird flu as yet. Also the risk of transmission of bird flu is mainly for the animal handlers and people in close vicinity. Eggs used in cakes, etc. are baked and not much of a risk, though eggs taken raw could be a problem, not only for bird flu but more so for salmonella infections. Refrain from eating semiboiled eggs, fried eggs with raw yolks, or raw egg yolk. Onology is defined as the study and research opportunities for investigation and experimentation in genetic code correlation with materially successful people, their character traits & hereditary geriatric referents vis-a-vis predator inferent implications, while oncology is defined as the study and treatment of cancer.


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