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How harmful is exposure to chemicals in a rubber factory?

Q: My skin gets darker day by day. I work in rubber industry and am always in contact with the chemicals like china clay, precipated calcium carbonate and other chemicals used in the manufacture of rubber straps. I go to the office at 8.30 AM, visit the factory and then go outside for official work. I come home late and by the time I reach home I am stinking with sweat in my arms pits. I used to apply oil for one hour (full body) before bathing. This is not possible very often but on applying oil the marks disappear. Recently I started applying Vaseline petroleum jelly which I find is more effective. I apply it before going to sleep.

A:Industrial exposure can damage the skin in various ways, particularly if there is continuous sweating. Sunlight exposure will add to this problem. Appropriate air conditioning and the use of protective clothing are needed to reduce the irritation of dusts and chemicals at work, and several showers a day may be absolutely necessary. The use of skin medications is unlikely to be of much general help, but would be indicated if an eruption or dermatitis was to appear. Repeated damage to the skin will lead to permanent changes and is likely to increase the risk of eventually developing skin cancer. Expert evaluation and treatment of any new and persisting change in the skin would be advisable so as to ensure that any cancerous lesion is removed at an early stage when effective treatment is available.


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