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How effective is knee replacement?

Q: My mother is 52 years old and she has pain in her knee since 7-8 years. We are giving medical treatment since 5 years. But she doesn't have any cure or symptom of curing. Recently we took an x-ray of knee in which doctor said that patella and lower femur has been rubbed out and no more cartilage & SFS is there. Henceforth so much pain is there. My mother is also obese - about 100 kg weight, therefore so much pain is there. Now doctor has suggested an operation of knees which costs about 1.5 lakhs, and no more chance are there of curing after operation. Very expensive tablets (FREEFLEX) he suggested which cost 200-300 Rs/-each tablet thrice a day. I want to know that shall we go for operation? Please advise.

A:Knee replacement is an established procedure and has very good results. However, it is best recommended for older patients especially after 60 years it has a definite life span 15 years approximately before it wears out, and another replacement is needed this may wear out early in heavy patients. I think your mother would be a good candidate for total knee replacement since she has suffered for pretty long time it would be advisable if she can loose some weight.


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