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How do low testosterone levels affect a man?

Q: What is the effect of low testosterone in males over 50 years of age? Is there any therapy available in India to increase these levels?

A:The term andropause is commonly being used, and is the male equivalent of menopause, where there is complete oestrogen deficiency, but in andropause there is more gradual decline of testosterone levels. The effects of menopause in women are well established, but the possible effects on the body have not been well established as yet. The decline is gradual, and in young men, high levels are found in morning and lower levels in evening, which is lost in elderly. The effect on the body can be following: 1. Bone strength. (Bone mineral density — Those persons with much lower levels of testosterone have lower bone strength. 2. They can also have less muscle mass and treatment with testosterone can reverse it. 3. They also can have lower memory and slight lower brain function especially visual memory. Testosterone treatment is available in India in the form injection and gel. Levels should be assessed in standard labs There is potential of side effects, which should be balanced before starting treatment, like enlargement of prostrate, raised blood count, abnormal lipids levels and increase risk of sleep apnoea problem. An endocrinologist should be consulted before starting this treatment. I do not recommend treatment till levels are below 200 ng/dL (6.9 nmol/L).


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