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How do I treat seborrheic dermatitis?

Q: I am a 32 years old male with rashes on my penis. It started 4 years back when I used the same razor, which I used to shave my beard, to shave my groin area. Initially, there was slight itching in the surrounding area of groin, later it spread over the entire penis, even on the foreskin. I have consulted many doctors and they all they say that it’s seborrheic dermatitis. The only thing that gives relief is this Fluti-bect ointment. The penis area is oily and I feel pain inside the penis channel, it looks as if the infection has spread inside the penis as well. I have done blood test, urine test, which are normal. Please suggest the mode of treatment to be undertaken.

A:Seborrheic dermatitis is something which will come and go for some time. It does not affect the urethra. If it is affected, then probably you have something else also. Steroids should be used when unavoidable.


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