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How do I overcome my spasticity?

Q: I am a spastic person. I can't walk. As per doctors reports, I was alright at birth, but at the age of walking I was unable to walk. Now I am 23 years old. Can you tell me if there is any treatment available for me anywhere in the world?

A:You are unfortunately, a victim of the condition: Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Assuming that you received the best available therapy for the same, I suspect you are still unable to walk because of a very extensive involvement. In other words, you have probably spastic quadriplegia, which involves both upper & lower limbs. If you have anything less and still have not been able to walk, even with support, then you have not been managed properly. Unfortunately, the brain damage which apparently occurred during your birth is permanent. There is no proven literature throughout the world regarding any means to revert the damage. You will have to live with the condition. Having stated that, I would strongly advise you to consult a trained medical personnel for proper assessment and advice.


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