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How do I get rid of a red patch on my face?

Q: I am a 24 years old male with a light sort of ring on the left side of my face, at the center. Though I don't know the cause of its formation, it looks like a small circle with a center and the circumference of circle is made of some small pimples or something like that. More than anything it's affecting my confidence big time. I have tried using Betnovate and Niltan creams but both haven't helped reduce the marks. Can you please suggest some cream for this purpose which will remove these marks completely? Some of my friends suggested Adapelene and Clindamycin. Are these creams safe?

A:I don't think it is good idea to experiment with a patch on the face. You should consult your dermatologist and then start medication. Ring like lesions can occur in a number of conditions e.g. ringworm, pityriasis rosea, granuloma annulare, erythema annulare centrifugum etc. For each the medication is different.


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