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How do get rid of recurrent fistulas?

Q: My mother is 53 years old, she is suffering from diabetes. Right now her blood sugar is 320. Two years back her ana fistula has been surgically operated but blood has been coming from the Fistula everyday whenever my mother goes for toilet. Now sometimes blood is coming from urine too and that too in good quantity. Please advise if it is necessary to go for a second operation? Is there any risk to my mother's life? How to stop the blood in urine?

A:High blood sugar needs control. Consult a physician. The blood sugars are probably not related to the fistula. Fistulas can recur. Treatment is by re-operation or by the use of an Ayurvedic medicated thread called a ksharasootra. The ksharasootra is very effective, but not all fistulas are suitable for the thread therapy. Moolchand Hospital has an Ayurvedic section. Other Ayurvedic clinics can be consulted. Blood in the urine may or may not be related to the fistula. Diseases that cause blood in the urine include urinary stones and tumours. I think in your mothers case there may be something unrelated to the fistula, but only your doctor can tell.


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