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How did I get fungal infection of my toenails?

Q: Both my toenails have been badly damaged and subsequently another two nails of both the feet are getting damaged. I consulted a skin specialist and he says it is due to a fungal infection. Now, I am getting new toenails on my feet. I have been prescribed Terbest Tabs and Fudic cream and Nail Onylac. This treatment is on for the last 2 months now. Please advise how one gets fungal infection and what I should do to avoid getting the same again? I am mainly prone to skin allergies.

A:Toe nail fungal infection is commonly acquired from soil or swimming pools being shared by so many people. If there is no nail fold swelling, it is usually caused by dermatophytes or non dermatophytes (saprophytic fungi). If there is nail fold swelling, then it is mostly caused by Candida. Diagnosis should ideally be confirmed by KOH examination, histopathology and culture. Based on culture, ideal treatment is given. Generally, terbinafine, fluconazole or itraconzole are used systemically and may or not be supplemented with ciclopirox olamine or amlorphine nail lacquer. Some cases even then do not respond and require chemical or surgical avulsion of affected nails.


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