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How come I can crack nearly every joint in my body?

Q: I am a 16 years old boy weighing 80 Kgs. I would like to know what is wrong with me? The problem is that I can crack nearly every single joint in my body. I can also dislocate my hips, shoulders and some of my fingers. Another thing I found is that when it is cold, I feel my joints have got stuck so that I have to crack them. Sometimes, I get pain in the joints. Could you please shed some light on my problem?

A:Cracking of joints is a common symptom usually in joints of the hand, and in occasionally of lower limbs. However, I am surprised that you are writing that you can also dislocate your hips and shoulders and some of your fingers. That is unusual. Excessive mobility of joints is known to occur in some patients who have an abnormal connective tissue in their body. Such patients have excessive elastic tissue in their body allowing hyper mobility or at times dislocation of joints. I would recommend you consult a good internal physician or orthopaedic surgeon who can confirm my suspicion.


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