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How can we make sure that syringes are infection free?

Q: Syringes used for blood tests are opened from sealed packets, but we are still unsure whether it contains any HIV/AIDS virus. Can we dip these syringes in hot water so that we are sure that they carry no infection? People who perform blood tests say that the syringes are medicated, so if we boil them the medication will destroy. Is there any other process by which the syringes, if they contain any HIV/AIDS virus can be permanently removed? If the syringes are to be boiled, for many minutes should they be boiled?

A:Currently in India (and in most other nations) disposable syringes are recommended. They do not stand repeated boiling or sterilising and should really be discarded and not re-used. Glass syringes and metal hubbed injection needles can be sterilised and reused. If a syringe is cleaned with water by flushing at least twice, then it is flushed with a sodium hypochlorite solution (photographers Hypo) or with bleach and then reflused twice with boiled and sterile water, the syringe will be safe as far as HIV is concerned.


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