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How can we ensure a disease-free visit to India during monsoons?

Q: My husband and me will be visiting India with our children soon. I have heard that India has had severe rainfall this year, due to which there is a lot of disease around. This is the first time we are bringing our children to India. We want to be more aware of what precautions can we take whilst we are there. Please give me some health tips on this issue.

A:The three main concerns would be - clean water, cooked food, and avoiding mosquitoes. Before travel, be sure you and your children are up to date on all routine immunizations (including hepatitis B). Please take malaria prophylaxis, as the children may not have been exposed to it. Make sure your food and drinking water are safe as food and waterborne diseases are the primary cause of illness in travellers. Avoid drinking water while travelling in trains/bus, if unsure of quality and drink only bottled or boiled water, or carbonated drinks. Eating from roadside vendors should be avoided. Stick to freshly cooked food made in a reasonably clean restaurant. You should avoid raw salads, ice and fresh fruit juices unless sure of quality. Do not be so anxious and enjoy your visit.


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