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How can the numbness in my ankle be treated?

Q: I am a 73 years old male, seem to be suffering from frozen ankle and have numbness in my ankle joint. I have consulted neuro-physicians, undergone physiotherapy for six months and am now trying acupuncture. I am free from hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and other such problems. The prognosis so far is that the blood does not flow between the feet through the ankle. The problem started when I was in Canada and the temperature was 34 degrees Fahrenheit and I injured my ankle while getting out of the car. What should I do?

A:If there is no pain, and the numbness is limited only to one ankle region, it is advisable that you do an EMG-NCV (Electromyography-Nerve Conduction Velocity) test, which documents the quality and quantity of electrical conduction through different nerves and the electrical activity of muscles. If this test shows that conductions in the nerves on the affected side are normal, you should see an orthopedic surgeon.

A word of caution: Though many centres claim to do this test, very few have qualified technicians and reporters (electromyographers).


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