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How can persistent cold and cough be managed?

Q: I am a 44 years old female suffering from cold and cough for the last 18 months with severe wheezing and breathlessness. My medical reports (2D-echo, stress test, blood test, x-ray) were clear and detected asthma after two months. Then I took inhalers like Aerocort, Budecort 200, Seroflow 250 and medicines like Deriphyllin 300, Hifen 200, Flucold, Allegra, Azee 250, Augmentin 625 duo, Mits Linctus and Brodex. I also tried homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines. I recently underwent a complete blood count (CBC) and x-ray, which came out normal. I have thyroid since the last 10 years. Are cold and cough linked to thyroid? I have no family history of asthma.

A:The only common link between hypothyroidism and asthma maybe autoimmune reason for both, otherwise thyroid maybe linked with hoarseness of voice but not a frequent cough or wheeze. You need to do a lung function test (PFT) with bronchodilator study. Also check your IgE levels in the blood. Try and identify if your workplace or residence is linked to exposure to certain chemicals, fumes, pollen etc which maybe aggravating your problem. Avoid rooms with thick carpets or curtains which may contain dust mites. Drugs like monteleukast maybe beneficial. Yoga and swimming are good exercises to improve lung capacities and breathe better. Learn to relax.


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