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How can perianal abscess be completely treated?

Q: I am a 21 years old male with a problem of recurrent perianal abscess. I developed this problem two years back and was operated upon. It took me five months to recover completely. A few days back, I developed the same problem and was operated upon again. Please tell me if there is any precautionary medicine to prevent post operation complications. I also feel a lot of pain. How can perianal abscess be completely treated?

A:The development of one abscess does not mean that another cannot occur. In general, if you maintain local hygiene, the chances of developing a perianal abscess are low.

Fistula: Note that there is a condition known as fistula in ano. If you have a fistula in ano, it may turn into a perianal abscess which needs operating urgently. After the abscess heals, the fistula will need its own operation. If you healed completely after the first surgery, you probably had an abscess, and probably did not have a fistula. However, if you did not heal completely after the first operation, perhaps you have had a fistula all along. If you have a fistula, then there will be a small residual discharge after this operation as well. You will need treatment for fistula.


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