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How can one get rid of extremely dry skin?

Q: My skin has become very dry. When I apply any cold cream it burns, when there is cream its ok when I wash my face it dries up right away and I can find the dryness and dry skin coming out all over the face, it also itches a lot and some rough skin below eyebrow and eyes. My doctor has asked me to use this medicated cream, I forget the name, the company is Elder name starts from A. I am using this cream from 3 days but there is still dryness. Can you please guide me on what to do. Can I normally apply milk cream (malai) on my face when I feel dry?

A:You can try a cleanser CETAPHIL LOTION to wash your face 2-3 times/day. Apply Desowen cream twice daily on the face. You can use Efaderm cream to be applied as and when required for dryness. A tablet Allegra-180 once daily. Please let me know after a week. Do not & I repeat do not continue this treatment indefinitely as your local dermatologist will be the best judge. Milk/malai will not help so please discontinue this unscientific treatment. Also avoid sunlight and facial cosmetics as far as possible. Sunscreen use may be warranted if your doctor feels that excessive sun exposure is the cause of your condition.


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