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How can my wife’s hypothyroidism be treated?

Q: My 25 years old wife had some general health tests done and the report showed - T3 - 112.6, T4 - 6.8, TSH - 11.18, haemoglobin - 11.3, hematocrit - 33.2, cholesterol – 201, HDL cholesterol – 71. As far as her health is concerned, she has been maintaining a consistent weight of around 55 kg and has no abnormal symptoms related to thyroid. She feels tired and often gets irritated. She has painful periods and her voice has become hoarse too. She has a family history of thyroid problem. What could be the reason for increased TSH level? What is the remedy?

A:These results suggest that your wife has subclinical (mild and early) hypothyroidism (low function of thyroid gland). One has to find out the reason by doing a test - anti-TPO in blood. One contributing factor is family history of thyroid illness. I would suggest you to get a repeat TSH from a reliable lab along with anti-TPO. If TSH is >10 and anti-TPO is positive, then she becomes a candidate for treatment, which is quite simple by replacing thyroid hormone. In view of her symptoms it seems that she will need treatment. You may revert back to us with above results.


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