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How can my sister's middle and index fingers be fixed?

Q: My 21 years old sister was only four years old when she lost two joints of her middle finger in the meat grinder. Her index and ring finger were badly damaged too and needed a surgery to return to a normal shape. At the time of the accident, her doctor said she had to wait until she is completely grown up. Now, the doctor says that finger transplanting is not possible. He says a clinic in France makes special gloves for this purpose. My question is if there is a hospital or clinic in the world to transplant finger or even her toe instead of making gloves?

A:Your sister should be examined for her functional and cosmetic disabilities. But, from what I understand from your query these are a few observations: Her middle finger is amputated and she has only a stump, where as the index finger and ring finger are damaged. If that is right then these are the few options:-

    <>li>Finger transplants are done in India too in many centres. But the need is to assess what exactly your sister will need. Usually, it is a toe that is transplanted. But this is done more for functional reasons rather than cosmetic. The transfer will help her functionally but the finger most probably will still not look normal.
  1. But ideally single finger transplants are done when the injured finger is the thumb or the index finger in a few cases. But you can get her assessed in a microsurgical unit close to where you live and then get the options.
If functionally her hand is ok then just for the cosmetic reason we can do what is called a "Ray Amputation" to remove the stump of the middle finger which more gets in the way rather than be of any help. This will give a normal looking hand for a first glance unless anyone counts the fingers. Of course the option of prosthesis is always there which is purely cosmetic..


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