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How can my low testosterone level be managed?

Q: I am a 41 years old male operated for hydrocele six years back. After that my testosterone level has been constantly decreasing. Recently, the reading came 198. I had a Doppler test of scortum, which showed grade 2 varicocoele. I am active, have no diabetes but slight hypertension. I am unable to perform sex for the last six months and have a very low desire. Semen is also watery. Sometimes I get morning erections also but for only a short period of time.

A:A low testosterone is not a complication of hydrocele unless testicular blood supply was affected during the operation. If the testes were damaged, this would be evident as smaller testes and / or impaired blood flow on the ultrasound. Low testosterone could affect your sex drive and ability to have sex. If you are not concerned about fertility anymore, you can consider taking testosterone injections to improve your testosterone level. You should consult an urologist for this. In addition, you need to seriously consider losing weight. Fat cells can convert testosterone to estrogen and this can also contribute to a low testosterone and thereby affect your sex drive and erectile function.


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