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How can my knee pain be managed?

Q: I am a 34 years old female suffering from knee pain. A bone test done recently at a free check-up outlet gave -1.6 as a result. I was prescribed a calcium tablet once a day. I am unable to go for walks and at work, climbing stairs hurts me. Kindly suggest some simple exercises which can be performed at work. I am a vegetarian and take two glasses of milk a day and curd (3-4 times a week). How can knee pain be managed?

A:I think you are suffering from a condition which is known as Patellofemoral pain syndrome in which the pain increases on deep knee bends and going upstairs and downstairs. The best way to handle the pain is by doing some basic exercises of the knee which include hamstring stretch, side lying leg lift, quadriceps isometric exercises, quadriceps stretch, straight leg raise, ball squired with ball, resisted knee extension and knee stabilisation exercises.

If you are unable to do these exercises I would suggest you go to a good physical therapist near your home and then learn those exercises and then continue the same at home.


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