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How can my father's itching problem be cured?

Q: My 55-year-old father is suffering from diabetes. Whenever he drinks tea or eats sweets, his body starts itching. He uses sugar free in his tea. He takes Avil for this itching problem and it gives him temporary relief. Is there a permanent cure for his itching problem?

A:Diabetics as such do have an itching problem, but if diabetes is uncontrolled, it itches more. Beyond 50s, there is an inherent tendency to dry skin aggravated by winter season or use of air conditioning. Use a moisturising soap like Dew Derm, Hydrate or Dove soap. After bath, pat the skin dry and apply coconut oil or moisturising creams or lotions like Dew Derm lotion or Oilatum cream or lotion. Something can be added to the bath tub like Oilatum lotion, but it can make the bathroom slippery, and it will be dangerous if he has a fall. If itching is still not controlled by Avil, you may give him Atarax tablet 10 mg/25 mg at night-time. This is the treatment for dry skin and diabetic skin, but to rule out other dermatological and systemic causes of itching including drugs and psychiatric problems, he will have to undergo a medical evaluation.


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