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How can I reduce scarring due to acne?

Q: My skin is very oily in summers and dry in winters. It gets cracked. I also have many white and black heads on my face and body. The skin on the pimples is very thick. Initially it is red in colour, which turns to yellow in months and gradually the skin becomes more thick and turns black. It leaves a scar on my face/body, which does not clear for a long time. It also leaves a hole. My face and back is completely black with such scars. It mostly occurs if I don't sleep well, I go out in the sun or if I have a gas/constipation problem, which is very regular. What is the remedy to get rid of the condition?

A:You are having dry skin (Xerosis). It subsides in summer and aggravates in winter. You can use Emollients containing Vitamin E & Aloe. Regarding your blackheads - your having acne (pimples). It is due to blocking of glands, which drains sweat. The density of these glands are more over the face than rest of the body. It is due to hormonal influences, which is further aggravated by bacteria. Consequently there will be initial (comedones) blackheads, which eventually become infected, resulting in pustules. That is why you had red colour, which turned to yellow. You might have pain occasionally. Later it results in scarring. It has no relation to chocolates, fat food. It is a myth. For black heads, benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid creams can be used. Regarding acne pustules, doxycyclin or minocyclin will be beneficial. Consult your dermatologist who can assess your stage at present and decide on the treatment. One important advice I give to you as acne is a continuous process with remissions & aggravation due to hormonal influence you can use any of the anticomedonal creams (benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid creams). You should spend 10-15 minutes in front of the mirror at night daily and apply this on the new blackheads, it will be wiped off at the initial stage itself.


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