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How can I reduce pain due to stress?

Q: I am 43 years of age, weight is 104 kg, computer professional having 23 years of experience. During earthquake in Jan 2001 in Gujarat I was having problem of panic attack/disorder and now this problem is under control 95% through homeopathic medicines. I was getting lot of symptoms like loosing balance, heavy palpitation, heart blowing, sinking feeling, etc. I have under gone thorough medical checkup with CT Scan and MRI, two to three times. I was under medication for 9 months under a neurophysician but there was no improvement. Then I took advice from a Mumbai based neurophysician. They told me it is phobia and there is no medication for this, if you get such type of attack take restyle and some vitamin E tablets. Later I was under medication with Homeopathy through net based support from USA, and as and when symptoms arise I took medication one or two doses and I found improvement. My routine last executive check up was done with A to Z tests with Echo, TMT also. Is this normal? For the last 15 days I am regularly checking my BP also - it is varying from 90-93 / 138-150 daily at my factory through local doctor. I am not under any medication of allopathy for the last one year. Present problem, I am having muscular pain in left hand area from ankle to palm , when I press in some portion of hand I feel the same, it is varying from neck, back and then left hand. Sometime heaviness in hand and also heaviness in heart area also. Though I have undergone all the tests, what could be the reason? Kindly advise and what else test is advised? For the last three days I have noticed that it starts after 11 am onward and it is on the scale of 0-4 to 5 on the scale of 10. I am not taking any pain killer, for weight part I am doing my best, daily walk, diet control, etc. Daily getting very good sleep.

A:There are various approaches to non-specific symptoms that may arise in response to stress. 1. Alprazolam is a favoured anti-anxiety medication. 2. A prolonged course of professional homeopathic therapy can help the body develop its own self-healing responses. 3. Yoga offers relaxation exercises with breathing control, and these techniques relieve many somatic symptoms. 4. Massage and aromatherapy applications can reduce musculo-skeletal pain syndromes. As long as no serious underlying pathology exists, as shown by medical tests, it is advisable to select one or more of these treatments as a prolonged commitment so as to relieve current symptoms and to prevent the emergence of other stress-related symptoms.


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