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How can I prevent myself from getting HIV?

Q: I had unprotected sex with my friend. Next morning I came to know that it was not her first time. I got the HIV test done for both of us next morning and got the results on the same day. The test showed that she is HIV positive. What are my chances of getting infected? I started taking medicine Duovir E kit after 20 hours of sex. Is there anything that can be done to prevent it? What are the other tests that I need to undergo and when? I was about to marry her. I am really worried.


  1. Continue the treatment with antiretrovirals for Post Exposure Prophylaxis.
  2. It is important that you help your friend to find out if she is actually HIV positive. False positive reports do occur even in the best labs, so never accept the result of a single test. She must undergo another test.
  3. If the second test is negative, then she is not infected.
  4. If the second test shows positive, then I am afraid there is no longer any chance of a mistake.
  5. Now to come to your predicament. Even if she is positive, it is by no means certain that you would have got infection. Sex between partners who do not have any STD or ulcer in the genital organs is not a very efficient way of spreading of HIV; of the many exposed only a few get infected.
  6. You have started post exposure prophylaxis fairly soon, this will also give some protection.
  7. If you are circumcised that too offers some protection.
  8. I am afraid that the period of tension will continue for some time until you have taken more HIV tests yourself. Depending upon the type of test, a varying period of time is needed for the testing procedure to be effective.
  9. Now the most difficult question - what can you do about the friend you had intended to marry? Whatever you decide mutually, it is important that you give her moral support as this will be a difficult time for her, too.


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