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How can I make my palm skin soft?

Q: I had an accident around one and a half months back and had a deep big cut from the bottom of my right palm with four of my palm bones broken. Operation was done and the wound in my palm stitched. The wound is healing well but the skin of my palm has become stiff and hard and in some cases numbs the fingers. I am doing exercises as per the doctor’s instructions. Is there any ointment that I can use to soften this skin while my wound is healing?

A:The injury is 40 days old with well-settled surgical scar in the palm. I would advice you to do -

  • Regular finger mobilisations as per the physiotherapist (both active and passive range of motions).
  • Wear Gripper or a Tube press in the hand which will compress the scar, skin on the palm and make them supple. This will make your palm smooth and soft, provided you continue wearing it for almost 24 hours.
  • Your palm skin needs a moisturising ointment like Emolene or any Aelovora containing ointments and continue massaging the skin at regular intervals( 5 minutes every hour leaving your sleep schedule).
  • Apart from the moisturising creams, if you feel the palmar skin is still hard, I would advise to go to next step of ointment called Contratubex which will halt the contraction of the scar and make it smoother, soft and aesthetic.


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