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How can I maintain oxygen level in my blood?

Q: I am a 19 years old student. How can I maintain oxygen level in my blood?

A:The human body (or for that matter any living cell) does not have the capacity to store oxygen. It is constantly supplied to metabolising cells by the circulatory system which carries it either dissolved (lower animals) or bound within special cells (higher animals) following its entry into the body via respiration, diffusion etc. The capacity to carry oxygen and deliver it to all parts of the body is determined by the amount of haemoglobin (Hb) we have in our red blood cells. Hb is an iron-rich protein, which can bind oxygen and deliver it to cells, and in turn, carry back the waste product carbon dioxide produced by various metabolic processes. People who have low Hb are said to be anaemic and this condition can have a profound effect on the body as tissues are deprived of oxygen. Please get your Hb tested by a complete blood count and consume a balanced diet that contains iron-rich foods like meat/poultry products, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits.


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