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How can I lose weight with hypothyroidism?

Q: Is it true that those who have high TSH never succeed to lose weight even if they do everything to lose weight? I am a 38 years old man having a high TSH i.e. 7.15 and FT4 - 1.15. I take a low fat diet comprising 1200 calories. I exercise for about an hour and cycling 15 km in 1.15 hours daily but I am still not getting a good response. My weight is around 86 kg. How can I lose weight? Please suggest.

A:A few studies have shown that normal TSH is around 2.5 only but this has not been accepted for definition of hypothyroidism. Keeping this in mind you become a case for starting treatment with Thyroxine sp if your anti-TPO is positive. It is not true that patient with subclinical hypothyroidism (as you are) are resistant to weight loss. Usually, with hypothyroidism there is weight gain, which is around a few kg, and this disappears after treatment. I hope you are not taking snacks in between your meals or excessive tea or coffee. The other option is that you might have to go for a medical treatment of obesity using Sibutramine or so. This is likely to help you.


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