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How can I lose weight?

Q: I am a 37 years old man with a height of 165 cm and weight 81 kg. I take the following diet and need to reduce weight. Mornings I walk for 4 km and then have a cup of tea. My breakfast includes 2 paranthas or 4 slices of bread with butter or eggs with a cup of tea. I again have a cup of tea at around 10 AM followed by lunch consisting of 2 chapattis with vegetables and curd. In the evening I have a cup of tea and then dinner, which consists of 2-3 chapattis along with vegetables or rice with cereals. I want to lose 10 kg. Please suggest how can I achieve this?

A:You need a proper food plan based on your lifestyle. Meanwhile try to avoid the following: - Fried foods - Sugar, sweets - Refined flour & its products. - Coconut - Fruit juices - Cream, butter, cheese, cakes, pastries, mayonnaise, ice-creams, - soft & hard drinks etc Include these in your diet - 8-10 glasses of water - Lots of raw veggies & whole fruits - Sprouts, dals, skim milk. - Whole grains & pulses. Include a variety of cereals.


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