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How can I improve my semen production?

Q: I am a 29 years old man having low sperm production . If I have intercourse thrice in a day, then there is almost zero quantity of semen the third time. Even at the first time semen quantity is very less. How can I increase my semen production?

A:It could be just your perception that the semen production is less. Usually, the semen quantity that is released in one ejaculation is 3-5 ml. It surely decreases if a male has frequent sex/ ejaculation. Rather than go by your own perception, it is advised that you get your semen examined in a good lab. Please ensure that while going for semen analysis, make sure that you do not have any sex or masturbation in the preceding 05 days. The lab should also be requested to examine the sample within half an hour of ejaculation. For your information, it is also important to know that what is more important is the count of sperms and their motility etc. and not just the semen volume.


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