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How can I give pleasure to my circumcised wife?

Q: My wife is circumcised and has no clitoris. How do I give her pleasure during sex?

A:If only the hood of clitoris (prepuce) is removed during circumcision, and the clitoris itself is uncut, she should not have any problem in enjoying sexual pleasure from clitoral stimulation. However if clitoris is excised, then she may not be able to derive pleasure from clitoral stimulation. It is true that clitoris provides sexual pleasure; however it is not the only place in female genitalia that gives sexual pleasure. Labia Minora (Inner/minor lips), some portion of Labia Majora (Outer/major lips), Outer 1/3rd of Vaginal canal are also sensitive to sexual stimulation and the sexual pleasure can very much be derived/experienced through these areas during normal sexual activity.


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