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How can I get rid of unwanted facial hair?

Q: I am a 38-year-old woman with excessive body and facial hair. My periods have always been regular and normal and I have no other symptoms to suggest hirsutism other than small breasts. Can it be related to thyroid problem? Do I need to see some doctor regarding my problem, if so, which? I cannot afford costly treatments like electrolysis or laser, so what to do for hair removal? My hands have become very dark due to years of epilator use. I wax facial hair, but it is very painful and a nuisance because of excessive hair. Is the use of facial hair remover safe? Which one can I use?

A:Hypertrichosis (excessive hair) can occur in thyroid disorders. You may consult a dermatologist and if an underlying hormonal problem is found, then maybe you may like to consult an endocrinologist. Presence of excess hair over the body causes no physical harm. It is only a cosmetic problem; therefore you have to find a solution accordingly. If you can hide most of them by suitable attire, then the effort to tackle those on the exposed visible areas will be reduced. In such areas, you can employ any one of the known methods, used all over the world, but which you find most suitable in terms of availability, cost, time, duration of effect and tolerance of your body. Choose what is best for you. Remember the proverb "one man's meat is another man's poison".


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