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How can I get rid of the scar on my forehead?

Q: I am 20 years old. When I was eight years old a piece of pencil lead accidently went into my forehead just above my right eye. It bled and left a small mark. I consulted a doctor and the lead was removed. After a week I observed a black mark and consulted the same doctor, he did a small operation and another piece of lead was removed. He made 5 stitches and there is a big scar on my forehead. I have tried a lot of ointments and creams but there is no effect. Can my scar be removed by other methods?

A:Plastic surgery can only replace one scar with another although it may look a little better. If the scar is still pigmented it can be cut out but a non pigmented scar will still remain. Discreet stage make up is excellent for disguising facial scars.


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