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How can I get rid of the guilt feeling due to indulgence in sex?

Q: I am a 22 years old male. I had been to prostitutes, more than once. Though I did not have intercourse with any of them, but some physical contact did happen. Now I am feeling guilty about it and I am getting depressed. All this happened one and half year ago. I have not indulged myself into any such act after that. But I have this feeling that I will not be able to pursue my education properly after doing this. How should I tackle this? You might be thinking that I am a bad and insincere guy, but I have been a good student since my school time. I am very career oriented and a good person inside, that is why I am feeling all the more bad. In the past one year, my studies have not been going very well. Now I have decided not to let go my career, but I need more strength internally. Please guide me. Is sex anyway related to the ability to get educated? This thing is making me shy and introvert, which is not good for my personal and professional life. I feel inferior to my friends. I am afraid of making a close relationship with them, though I really need it. I feel that my friends will do better in their career since they have not indulged in a thing like this. Whom should I tell this to, my parents, friends or someone else? How should I tell them about this? I have told a religious Hindu saint about this and he has helped me improve my thoughts but in a more religious way. What should I do, please guide me? How can I make a bright career in this situation? How can I live my life more enthusiastically and happily?

A:Stop worrying about it. That is the easiest thing for me to say, and perhaps the most difficult for you to follow. Please remember that sex is a normal and healthy part of life, what is important is that it should be channeled into safe and acceptable practices. If you are worried about infection, get a HIV test done from a reliable voluntary testing and counselling centre. Within normal limits sex does not have any affect upon your ability to learn, or work or your career. Worrying about sex, like any other pre-occupation can divert you from concentrating on your work. Everyone must have friends that listen to you and share your concerns and worries. If there is some one who is a close friend, share your concerns and then stop worrying about it. Another good person to share your concerns is a counsellor. Remember sex is a normal part of every ones life; keep it in safe channels and do not take risks.


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