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How can I get rid of red, itchy spots on my skin?

Q: I have a skin disorder for the past 8 years, for which I have visited many doctors but all in vain. I had taken lot of medicines and applied many ointments, but to no use. The problem goes and comes back again. Only Zole F gives me a little relief. I develop red spots, which itch a lot. If I scratch these areas, then a lot of scales fall from my skin. At times, a ring also develops. These red spots are spreading to other parts such as my feet. earlier, they were confined to my waist, abdomen, thighs and back. If examined closely, these are red swellings with slight pus at the top, which when I scratch become red and scaly. What is the treatment for this?

A:Red patches with lot of scaling, over trunk and lower limbs, which respond to a topical application containing steroid, can be seen in a number of disorders. The important ones are: psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, chronic eczema, lichenoid rash. There are a few more. Prognosis and treatment differ, therefore proper diagnosis is essential. In most of the cases I mentioned, clinical examination and follow up is enough. However, in some cases, investigations including skin biopsy may be necessary. I suggest you see a good dermatologist in your area.


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