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How can I get rid of my homosexual urge?

Q: I was studying away from my home town when I got a skin allergy in college and went to a hospital where the doctor asked me to strip before him, as he wanted to check me. After seeing my penis he told me that I have a severe problem in the foreskin. He asked me to meet him specially in the hospital. I went after some days and he asked me to masturbate before him. I did as told. While he saw me doing it, he was analysing and playing with my penis. Now I am working. One of my roommate tries to have sex with me at night. I always sleep soundly so I don't realise it till I wake up and see him shaking my penis. Since I also like it, I pretend to be asleep and co-operate with him. But in the morning I feel very upset for having done so. Though I take a resolution that I will stop him, I never succeed. These days I am not sleeping next to him and have bought a separate cot and sleep on it. But sometimes, without my knowledge, I wake up and sleep next to him and the next day I behave very badly with him. I feel very bad about myself. I am very worried. I know that all this is wrong but I am not able to control myself. What should I do?

A:You seem to be having 'homosexual' orientation and your strong sexual urge is making you behave in this manner. Your roommate also seems to be a homosexual. If you really wish to get out of this repetitive behavioural pattern, you may have to take professional help of a psychotherapist. For your knowledge, homosexual sexual encounters are known for transmitting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.


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