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How can I get rid of eczema?

Q: I have been suffering from groin itching / infections (eczema) since my teenage. I have taken homeopathic/ayurvedic/allopathic medicines from different doctors. There seems to be no permanent cure. Each doctor has conducted various tests, but despite all the treatment this problem persists. I am now almost 31 years old and it is quite embarrassing to continue such a lifestyle where I am always dependent on medicines. When need arises I take drugs like Betnesol till I am cured, but I am kind of hooked to one drug named Teczine 5 mg, which I need to take every 48 hours. I am fed up of taking these drugs as I know these are not good for my health. I am not confident to go and meet another dermatologist as they are all trying different medicines and not finding a cure to my problem. Please advise how to treat my condition.

A:There is nothing to despair about. What you have is chronic fungal infection. Please take care of the following:

  • Make sure that your inner garments are clean and dry.
  • Avoid using common toilets, toiletries and towels.
  • Use an antifungal cream, such as Terbinafine, on the affected areas. Rub in the cream twice daily, for six weeks.
  • Use Terbinafine orally 250 mg daily for three weeks.
  • Too much itching can be managed with oral antihistaminics till the above drugs start acting. Most importantly, keep away from Betnesol and all other steroids. Be patient, and you will stop being a patient.


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