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How can I get intense orgasm?

Q: What should I do to get more intense orgasms? I am a 41 years old man and got married at the age of 26 years. I never used to get intense orgasms as I used to have in my teens. I have an active sex life. My semen never used to spurt right from the day one I learned to masturbate before my marriage. It just oozes out and was quite thick. Is it normal? Please advise.

A:There is a difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Orgasm is a cerebral event, and ejaculation is a genital event. Ejaculation does get feeble with age, so much so that in old age it becomes just an ooze or is even altogether absent. Orgasm intensity also can decrease because of a drop in testosterone, the monotony of a monogamous relationship, depression, or systemic disease. You'll need a detailed assessment. Regular perineal exercises can help ejaculation in some cases.


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