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How can I develop muscles?

Q: I have a peculiar problem. My age is 32 years; ht- 164 cm; wt- 80 kg but I don't have much muscles like a male. Bones are also very thin and my face is quite childish. Most of the tests such as FSH, testosterone,TSH, T4 are normal. I don't know what to do?

A:As regards your query, you are 164 cm tall and weigh 80 kgs. You should actually be weighing around 68 kgs. You need to lose weight of about 12 kg. Your muscles would also develop by doing exercise such as going to the gym or swimming. I advise that you join a gym and do regular exercises like push ups, tread mill and light weights to develop your muscles. Since your FSH ,TSH etc...are normal you do not suffer from any hormonal imbalance. Reducing intake of sweets and fats and increasing intake of raw vegetables and fruits will help you in losing weight.


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