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How can I control twitching of facial muscles?

Q: I have been working under severe stress from the past 2 months. Due to this my facial muscles have started twitching. This has become worse in the past few weeks. When I close my left eye, I feel that my jaw is stretched or too tight to move. My lips also start twitching sometimes. Sometimes some nerves between the jaw and the neck become stiff or tend to slip, when I move my head towards the side. Similarly, nowadays I feel that I am giving more stress on the left leg than the right. I think this is due to some nerve, to which my body is trying to manage. How can I control this? I am worried about getting facial paralysis. Please advise.

A:Many of the non-specific symptoms of the nervous or musculoskeletal systems are related to stress, fatigue or habitual emphasis of a minor defect through poor physical conditioning. The best treatment is to first correct life style (reduce stress), and secondly, to ensure maximal bodily conditioning through exercises based on movement, posture and breathing control. In some instances, yoga practices offer the best overall regimen, but adherence to such a program is essential. Other exercises include Pilates, if a suitable instructor is available. There are reports of ashwagandha being a useful herb to boost immunity to stress. Other valuable modalities include acupuncture, acupressure or skilled chiropractic manipulation offered by a reliable practitioner. It is unlikely that standard medical investigations or treatments would provide superior diagnostic or therapeutic options.


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