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How can I control my excessive desire for sex?

Q: I am 66 years old. I have deep inclination towards spirituality but my sex desire and thoughts do not allow me to concentrate. I indulged excessively in masturbation affecting my health as a teenager. Even after my marriage, I had very indiscriminate sex against the wishes of my wife. Even now, I require it every 2-3 days and sometimes more, whereas my wife is reluctant and cold and has no desire at all. Earlier I had extra marital affairs but not now. I have a habit to watching porn sites, which also contribute to my perverted sex desires & fantasies. How can I subdue my sex desire for my advancement in spirituality? At the age of 66 what should be normal indulgence in sexual activity? Is there any medicine to control it?

A:There is no rule about the sex desire or sex frequency being normal or abnormal for an age. It all depends upon the partners consent and comfort with each other. Medications are not really required to control this desire. However, if you are obsessed with sex a bit too much and wish to get rid of it, we suggest you seek the help of a psycho-therapist in person. At the same time, divert your attention to some creative hobbies or to meditation exercises/ yoga etc. Removing the internet connection for a few weeks will also help you in your aim.


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