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How can frozen shoulder be treated?

Q: I am a 56 years old man having frozen shoulder in my left arm for the last 15 days. I feel breathlessness and pain in chest while walking but feel better after rest. I got the ECG done, which was normal. But the doctor said that I have periarthritis pain, which may occur while walking. My cholesterol is 126 mg/dl, TG is 125 mg/dl and I don’t have diabetes but my blood pressure was 160/110 mmHg. Now after medication it has come down to 120/80 mmHg. What should I do? How it can be managed? Please advise.

A:Periarthritis (frozen shoulder) of the shoulder is a condition of the shoulder joint capsule. The tissue lining the capsule becomes inflamed and swollen leading to pain and restricted mobility. Though it may happen to anybody, diabetics and people with deranged s. uric acid are more prone to it. It is also more common after immobilisation of arm because of whatever reason particularly in the elderly.

One should start joint mobilisation preferably under supervision of a physiotherapist. I would encourage mobilisation after hot packs and painkillers if need be. Control your blood sugar if you are a diabetic.

Rarely an injection in the joint may be required.


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