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How can erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation be treated?

Q: I am a 51 years old male suffering from erectile dysfunction for the last two years. I get only 50-60% erection that doesn’t even last for long. I also have premature and painful ejaculation. I feel that the length of my penis has reduced a lot. I experience testicular pain and feel that my bladder is not empty even after urinating. To add, I had a cardiac surgery two years back.

A:Most common cause of impotence is psychological and organic. Latter may be due to some diseases decreasing the flow to the penis or damage to nerves due to surgery or medical diseases. Many patients may develop urethral stricture following cardiac surgery, which may impede the flow and may cause burning while passing urine. It needs to be excluded in your case. Your urinary symptoms may also be due to prostate problem accompanying many at this age. You must consult a urologist who would be able to examine you and get necessary investigations before reaching a conclusion.


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