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How are oligohydraminos managed?

Q: My wife is 24 years old, pregnant and suffering from oligohydramnios. She does not have diabetes or hypertension. She is 26 weeks pregnant. The doctor said that the growth of baby is 2 weeks behind. How should this be managed? She has been taking IV amino acids. How much of this should be given and at what duration? Please suggest the plan of management?

A:Oligoamnios, or reduced fluid around the unborn baby, has several causes. The ultrasound can exclude abnormalities of the fetal urinary tract as a possible cause. Additionally, colour doppler studies with the ultrasound can evaluate for poor placental function or reduced flow through the mothers uterine blood vessels. If these factors are excluded, the treatment lies in adequate maternal fluid intake, plenty of rest, a good diet and medication with progesterone. Intravenous drips have not conclusively been proven useful. The same treatment will also improve the growth of the baby. Trips to the doctor and ultrasound expert will need to be more frequent and delivery may be required before the due date. Your obstetrician would be your best guide for this problem.


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