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How are children with vitiligo treated?

Q: My 4 year old son has white spots on his face (behind the ear and little on forehead, and on the left cheek). I have consulted many doctors. In their opinion he has Vitiligo. Many doctors have advised me that the age of the child is very less and the medicine for the problem is little hard, which may hamper the growth of the child if treated at this time. But as the marks are on the face, it looks very odd and worries me. I will be very thankful if you can suggest me the action required to be done for this.

A:In Vitiligo, psoralens are the mainstay of treatment. However they are not advised before the age of 6 years, preferably not before the age of 9 years. This condition is unpredictable. It stops spreading after a variable period of time. It can reactivate again sometime later in life. It is not a communicable disease. You can read about this disorder in question answer format on the site http://skindoc.hypermart.net (under articles).


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