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Hiow to treat allergic attacks all over the body?

Q: I am suffering from allergic attacks for the last two years. I get these terrible attacks of itching all over the body in sudden fits and spurts. At times these are accompanied by sneezing. The itching starts from a particular area, (it is not the same area always) and if I give in to the urge to scratch, it immediately spreads to the rest of the body. My whole body strats itching like mad. Finally it gets to much and I forced to take an anti-allergic like Cetzine. The effect wears off in 4-5 days and again the itching and irritation reaches an unbearable pitch. Again despite my determination and best efforts not to head for the Cetzine I pop one.Initially, around six to seven years back I would get severe but intermittent allergic attacks which seemed to be in reaction to food items like prawn and egg. But I did not get these attacks EVERY TIME I ate prawn or egg.I have had homeopathic medicine recently besides Cetzine but to no avail.My current allergic attacks do not seem to be in reaction to any food items. Currrently I get the attacks irrespective of what I eat or even if I do not eat. These attacks have been a part of my life for the last 2 years or so and therre driving me crazy. Please help.

A:You seem to be suffering from a condition called Atopy . In this condition the body reacts excessively to allergenic substances, which may not necessarily be food related. The only medicines we have are anti allergic tablets like cetzine and loratidine. You may however get the following tests done. 1.IgE. 2.Absolute Eosinophil count 3. Skin allergy testing to find out the specific allergens.A course of deworming medicine like Zentel,- 400 mg at bed time as a single dose could also be tried.


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