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Have gallstones caused acne?

Q: I am a 38 years old female and never had and kind of skin problem all my life. But this year in March, my skin gradually started having acne. Now, six months later my skin looks horrible. I went to a herbal medicine doctor and he told me that the gallstones in my liver have secreted toxins, which are affecting my skin. Is it true? What should I do to treat my problem?

A:Please do remember that gall stones are found in the gall bladder and never in the liver. So, forget what has been told to you. You have now developed 'adult-onset acne', which most commonly affects women. Sharp hormonal fluctuations often occur during, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause, and can also be caused by using certain birth control medications. Women may see their acne suddenly develop, or worsen, during these periods of life. Also, you should verify that what you are experiencing is really acne vulgaris, especially if you have never had acne before. Some skin problems, like rosacea and folliculitus, cause acne-like pimples. Getting a doctor's opinion is always a smart idea and will help you properly treat your breakouts, no matter what the cause.


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