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Has my friend married a gay?

Q: My 21 years old female friend got married 4 months back. On her first night itself her husband insisted for anal sex and likes to have only anal sex. He does not derive any pleasure out of vaginal sex. Since marriage they had sex only 4-5 times. He gets annoyed with her big breasts. He doesn’t give importance to anyone except his few selected male friends. Their relationship has come to a stand still now. Are these the characteristics of a homosexual? In case he is gay, will he be able to have normal sex and lead a normal sexual life with his wife in future? Is he a sadist? They have gone to a psychiatrist too but he attended only 1 session out of 3. Does he have multiple sexual problems? Is his attitude a repercussion of his sexual incapability? 1. Are the characteristics displayed by the guy denotes that he's a gay? 2. In case he is a gay , will he be able to have normal sex and lead a normal sexual relationship with his wife in future? 3. Is that guy a sadist ? 4. We have gone to a psychiatrist, but he only attended 1 sitting out of 3 sittings . Does that prove that he should have multiple sexual problems? 5. Is his attitude repercussions of his sexual incapability?

A:If the husband of your friend has had successful vaginal sex but still prefers anal sex, he can be termed as a bisexual. If he has never had vaginal sex and wants only anal sex, he is possibly a "gay" (as you call him). For such persons, anal sex is the "normal sex". Only your friend can tell whether he as good penile erections (even for anal sex) or not. If he has good erections, he is obviously free from problems such as impotence. It is not possible for us to comment, whether he is a sadist or not. If he turns out to be a "gay" (the correct term is "Man having sex with Man" or MSM), married life of such couples becomes a nightmare. The woman suffers a lot in such relationships. Meeting a psychiatrist will help in complete evaluation of the problems that exist between the man and the woman.


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